Puppy Pre-Purchase Application

This form is designed to ask questions in order to help you and West Coast Lagotto decide if a Lagotto Romagnolo is the right breed for you. We will gladly help select the right puppy for you. Upon receiving this application we will be in touch with you through email or phone within 7 days. Please feel free to add anything to this application that will help us to determine what you are looking for in a Lagotto Romagnolo. Please call at any time if you have questions.

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I would like a
I would like a PET only puppy and plan to Spay/Neuter
I would like a BREED quality puppy and am willing to keep the male intact for breeding or have at least one litter if I get a female
I understand that if breeding I am required to give West Coast Lagotto a puppy back of show/breed quality on first litter.
I am interested in SHOW quality but do not wish to breed.
I am interested in training my dog in:
Are you willing to enroll your puppy in puppy classes?
In what type of housing do you reside?
Do you live
Do you
Do you have a fenced yard suitable for a dog?
My household consists of
I have owned dogs in the past
Does anyone in the household have allergies? ( Note: although many with allergies do well with Lagotto, there are no guarantees that allergy sufferers will not be affected. Potential owners should meet Lagotto before making a final decision.)
Do you agree to return your dog to us if you can no longer keep it?
Are you willing to keep your dog up to date on all vaccinations and necessary tests as indicated by your vet?
Are you willing to have your dog seen by a vet at least once a year?
By checking Agree I (we) authorize the Veterinarian listed in this application to release information to West Coast Lagotto.

Note: A deposit of $500.00 will not be required upon approval. West Coast Lagotto only requires a deposit after the litter is confirmed by Ultrasound and only at such a time as we are confident we have the right puppy for you. We will require the deposit when the pups are approximately 10 days old. Once the deposit has been paid it is non-refundable. This deposit will hold a puppy for you and is not the actual purchase contract for a specific pup. The purchase price for a pup is $4000.00 CA plus applicable taxes ( $3500.00 USD ), with a spay/neuter agreement and negotiable for Show/Breed quality pups. Your deposit will be applied to the purchase price.

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